Where are these men taking us? Mugabe and his men sleep as the country burns Among his many literary exploits, Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe wrote two famous novels whose titles reflect what is happening in Zimbabwe today. One was “ Things fall apart” and the other was “No longer at ease”. In Zimbabwe’s economic, social and political environment, things are falling apart and the nation is no longer at ease. I could add my own title, and say that “No one cares” If the utterances from president Robert Mugabe's ministers is anything to go by. Friday 22 of September 2017 will be remembered for its similarities to Friday 13 November 1997, when the Zimbabwe dollar collapsed and never again recovered, earning the name Black Friday . On Friday 22 September 2017, all the economic fundamentals caved in. The Zimbond introduced in November last year as a surrogate currency pegged at par with the US $ collapsed with trading rates reportedly dropping to between 1:40 to 1:50 to th


...Bringing Mugabe to order doesn't mean he's no longer your president. Grace Mugabe's handywork. Battered South African model Gabriella Engels RECENT events which saw people coming together to march in solidarity with First Lady Grace Mugabe following her criminal activities in South Africa leaves one wondering what on earth Zanu PF supporters are smoking. It defies all logic that a  party which boasts of highly intellectual members can preside over such a circus.One wonders whether these men and women are serving the country or they are simply cogs in the Mugabe machinery. The team at the Shake- Shake building should have been up in arms with the renegade First Lady who has proven to be an embarrassment not only to her nonagenarian husband but to the party and country as a whole following her violent out burst in South Africa. But alas! The once respected Zanu PF went all out on a butt licking exercise of the First Family by organising a highly publicis


...Zanu PF Politicians are back with their fistful of air Elections in Zimbabwe are around the corner and silly season has arrived. Politics is a profession which demands of those in it, behaviours they normally would not exhibit.When elections beckon, for instance, politicians change from being the all-important untouchable and unreachable beings and suddenly become soft spoken, caring and available people who find pleasure in kissing babies and helping the needy like the rest of us. Like chameleons, they adopt the colour that blends with the people and during this crucial season, politicians engage full gear with the promise of Canaan, never mind the record of failures and unfulfilled promises from previous elections. In a functional democracy, it is the opposition that should campaign on promises, while the incumbent is judged on the record of their achievements, or lack thereof. Not in Zimbabwe!!! If such an exhibition of political cunning were to win awards, Zanu PF


Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace … But   God loves our nation and he listens to our prayers TWO recent developments have inspired me to write and share a perspective on the troubled political, economic and social situation we find ourselves in. The first is a number of articles that have been written bemoaning the silence of churches in the face of the injustices in the country. One recent article went as far as questioning whether God Almighty is no longer listening to the prayers of Zimbabweans as our woes seem to mount with no end in sight. The other development is the current natural disasters wreaking havoc in the Americas at the moment. Mexico has been hit by an earthquake measuring 8.1 on the Richter scale. This was followed a day later by Hurricane Katia hitting the same country. Florida is bracing for Hurricane Irma and 52 of the 67 counties in Florida have received hurricane warnings with some subjected to mandatory evacuations. The Caribbean islands were hit b


THE 1948 literary acclaimed novel “Cry The Beloved Country, by Alan Paton, gained a global reputation for its expose of the racial and social divide that afflicted South Africa under apartheid. It revealed the pain and suffering of blacks in the slums of Johannesburg, and the shocking spectre of fear that gripped the nation. One of its most memorable and quotable lines that reveal this fear was;  “Cry the beloved country, for the unborn child that is the inheritor of our fear.” Upon closer reflection of Paton's book which went on to become an award winning movie adaptation in 1952, one can draw similarities with the socio economic and political divide between the ruling elite and the masses in Zimbabwe, however, the people do not have any more tears to cry. A visitor to Zimbabwe would be forgiven for concluding that all is well in the country but the truth is that people are so used to pain that they have become “comfortably numb”. We have become a nation without tears. 


Grace Mugabe's headache Chatunga and Robert Mugabe Jr …  Mugabe put your house in order before you attempt to bring order in Zimbabwe “ WHATEVER you would have your children become, strive to exhibit in your own lives and conversation,” says American Lydia H Sigourney. The words of the poet who rose to popularity during the early and mid 19 th  century are pregnant with wisdom and can be put into context where the Zimbabwe first family off spring is concerned. The media has been awash with reports on the exploits of President Robert Mugabe's sons Robert Jr and Bellarmine. Even the characters in the series "The little rascals" have nothing on the pair who have earned the nickname “ The Terrible Two.” Mugabe's critics have even said the two are the biggest and fiercest opposition he has ever faced since the MDC because it is right inside his home and he is at loss on what to do. His wife recently confessed to this while speaking at a kitchen party. She s


....IS THIS A REALITY OR A FALLACY? R everend Alec and Rebbecca Matimba founders of Transformational Families impart wisdom on marriage THERE is growing consensus that marriage, an institution established by God at creation in the garden of Eden has no place in today's world. Some now say that a real marriage for all practical purposes should last for about five years and should be terminated thereafter. This hypothesis is based on the spiralling number of divorce cases, domestic violence, infidelity and crimes of passion reported daily. The High Courts in Zimbabwe has of late been inundated with divorce cases which social commentators attribute to the failing economy, lack of communication skills between partners and infidelity. Over the past few years, the High Courts have granted decrees of divorces to many high profile personalities like army general Constantine Chiwenga, Home Affairs Minister Ignatius Chombo whose divorce also shed light into his weal