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....Re-Defining Beauty against all odds Prisca Maguranyanga-Chireka, the brains behind Anaka PRISCA Maguranyanga Chireka is among the phenomenal women of Zimbabwe who are making waves in the beauty industry at home and abroad. Just like her contemporaries Jackie Mugido and RubyLynn who reside in the United States of America and Australia respectively, she has not only made her presence felt in the make up industry in the United Kingdom but has gone on to manufacture her own beauty products called Anaka. Her journey like many others who travel down this path has been marred with humps and bumps but amidst all this sheer determination and the belief in self and God won the day. In 2011, she was part of a panel of Judges made up of Godwell hairstylists Toby Andrews and Mike Vallance of Back to my roots that were invited by Canterbury College as Industry professionals at their annual hairdressing competition. The mother of two is not only passionate about making women look


watch Hope Masike Performing at Galleries Art-Z SENSATIONAL mbira songstress Hope Masike, on Saturday night, gave a Stellar performance AND wooed fans during a concert held at Galeries Art-Z in Paris. The 2013  Nama  Best Female musician of the year, whose music is a blend of Mbira and afro jazz and Afro-pop showcased her versatility as an artist to the small crowd the small venue could accommodate.    Prior to attending this concert, I'd only been to two performance, a concert at the Alliance Francaise in May 2016, and the Sway Women in Jazz concert featuring Rute Mbangwa, Dudu Manhenga and Prudence Katomeni in 2015. I went to Hopes concert on Saturday with just the anticipation of watching a fellow Zimbabwean performing in Paris which is a rare treat, I must say. However what I did not expect was to be serenaded and taken down on a nostalgic trip once she put hands on the mbira and did what she was born for. Another thing that strikes me about her is the stre

The Mobile phone will be the gadget of necessity in the next generation

THERE is no doubt that the next industrial revolution will be a digital one and there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to stop the train. For one to get onto the gravy train one needs to be equipped with digital skills like Artificial Intelligence(AI). Creativity will be another critical skill one will need to survive this era as most of the jobs which will be in existence for the next generation have not yet been created. AI helps extract intelligence from data and can be useful in solving business problems like identifying fraud and manufacturing errors. It can be extremely useful even in the area of public health where AI can be used to detect heart conditions and brain tumours in individuals. It really doesn't matter which field one intends to make use of this digital skill be it in education or even in mundane tasks, it certainly makes life better as it takes over the role of the human mind but in a faster form devoid of any emotions. It becomes therefore impe


From left to right, Susan Schorr ITU's head of Digital Inclusion, Dhwani Trivedi an electronics and engineering student and Mike Nxele at the Mobile Learning Week Conference in Paris 43% of the world population is now online and internet usage globally has reached a staggering 3.2 billion and over 2 billion are from developing countries however 3.9 billion which translates to 60% of the population remain without access to the internet and its advantages. According to ITU- the United Nations Specialised Agency for Information and Communication Technologies, 6 billion do not have high-speed broadband internet. Closer to home in Africa, the richest 60% have 3 times more internet access than the poorest 40%. Furthermore, 2/3 of Africa's population remains without access to electricity which can be a major hindrance to accessing the internet at a time when global analyst say that 70 percent of the jobs which we have today will be redundant in the next decade owing to t