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AI comes to the aid of visually impaired child

Melody and her kids Mati and Juju Her Facebook profile reads; “Supermum, cookie that doesn’t crumble, clothed with strength and valor,” and it is absolutely true.  Melody Gwanyambira, is the definition of courage. She is single handedly raising and caring for her children Mati and Juju who both have special needs. Juju who is now 6 years old started going blind when he was 2 years old while his older sister Mati (8) has cognitive development issues and problems with her eye-sight too. “ I want my children to see the world,” Melody  who hopes to take her children to Disney World as soon as the COVID19 pandemic is under control said. For a young woman barely 30 in a foreign country with no family support this can be emotionally and financially taxing but the young Zimbabwean journalist and content creator of the Women Football Around the World remains positive. “It’s difficult but I thank God for giving me the strength I need everyday,” she said.  She’s more than upbeat about the role of


IF there is anything the COVID19 pandemic has made clear is the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep machine learning is here, and no force in this world has the power to stop it. In the past we have had people challenging the emergence of AI and deep machine learning as it significantly takes away from human jobs and function as we know them today, but clearly the recent pandemic which had the world shell shocked and medical experts and scientists alike at their wits end, left no doubt that it is a significant tool in the fight against COVID.     COVID 19 which was first discovered in 2019 in Wuhan China spread so fast in that experts had no choice but to turn to AI for a solution.  A good majority of the countries had to go into lockdown to allow medical experts and scientists alike to come up with a solution but barley 2 years after the virus was discovered, we now have a vaccine all thanks to new technologies which have the ability and intelligence to speed up medical proce