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Former Vice President Joice Mujuru is among the 16 candidates vying for the  Zimbabwean presidency   IN About 40 days, Zimbabweans will participate in a watershed election which will usher the Southern African nation into a new phase following the ouster of former president Robert Mugabe who clung onto power for 38 years. This election is hi storic in the sense that it will be the first where Mugabe and the late MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai will be taking part in, rather this election is mainly about newcomers both in the presidential, parliamentary and council seats. This election is special as we even have 16 candidates vying for the highest post in the land. The election comes at a time when the gospel of generational consensus has reached far and wide and can definitely not be ignored. In essence, there is a lot at stake. The election will also put an end to the transitional government led by Emmerson Mnangagwa popularly referred to as ED which came into power


watch Hope Masike Performing at Galleries Art-Z SENSATIONAL mbira songstress Hope Masike, on Saturday night, gave a Stellar performance AND wooed fans during a concert held at Galeries Art-Z in Paris. The 2013  Nama  Best Female musician of the year, whose music is a blend of Mbira and afro jazz and Afro-pop showcased her versatility as an artist to the small crowd the small venue could accommodate.    Prior to attending this concert, I'd only been to two performance, a concert at the Alliance Francaise in May 2016, and the Sway Women in Jazz concert featuring Rute Mbangwa, Dudu Manhenga and Prudence Katomeni in 2015. I went to Hopes concert on Saturday with just the anticipation of watching a fellow Zimbabwean performing in Paris which is a rare treat, I must say. However what I did not expect was to be serenaded and taken down on a nostalgic trip once she put hands on the mbira and did what she was born for. Another thing that strikes me about her is the stre