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From left to right, Susan Schorr ITU's head of Digital Inclusion, Dhwani Trivedi an electronics and engineering student and Mike Nxele at the Mobile Learning Week Conference in Paris 43% of the world population is now online and internet usage globally has reached a staggering 3.2 billion and over 2 billion are from developing countries however 3.9 billion which translates to 60% of the population remain without access to the internet and its advantages. According to ITU- the United Nations Specialised Agency for Information and Communication Technologies, 6 billion do not have high-speed broadband internet. Closer to home in Africa, the richest 60% have 3 times more internet access than the poorest 40%. Furthermore, 2/3 of Africa's population remains without access to electricity which can be a major hindrance to accessing the internet at a time when global analyst say that 70 percent of the jobs which we have today will be redundant in the next decade owing to t