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...Is Zimbabwe missing an opportunity for nation building? A month ago, Zimbabweans were in a euphoric mood. The brutal dictatorship of Mugabe had fallen. He fell at the hands of one of his own, in a military coup that was not a military coup. It has been described as a “smart coup”. Otherwise how else do you describe a coup in which the President still performs Presidential functions while still a prisoner? A coup in which the popular masses rose and were one with the army? and a coup that is legally defined by the courts as not a coup? For once, Zimbabwe scored a first. We were united by the Fall of Mugabe The fall of Mugabe united the nation like never before. ZANU-PF, Civil society, War Veterans,, vendors, MDC and other opposition formations, black and white Zimbabweans, religious or atheist, all celebrated Mugabe’s fall, bound by the realization that he had become an albatross around the neck of the people and the nation. Mugabe ran down the economy and created a nation


... Is Mnangagwa the Moses we have been waiting for? THERE is a tradition that was started in America where a new President promises voters during the campaign trail on what he or she would do in the first 100 days of their presidency. When they win, their performance within those days is reviewed against the pledges they made for those 100 days. This tradition has spilt over to the rest of the world including in Zimbabwe. However, in our case, the inauguration of a new president last week following a 37-year-old Mugabe rule, a hundred days is too long for us, to review the progress of President Emerson Mnangagwa. We cannot wait for 100 days because our expectation level will have gone down as we are a nation which thrives on expectation. The people had lost everything, including their own dignity, and now they are anxious just to see the direction of change, never mind the pace of that change. If only we can get the sense of promise and hope, even with as little action as poss