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... After Mugabe, Zimbabweans will never tolerate a dictator Will Emmerson Mnangagwa take us to Canaan? picture credit. Chronicle  WE are at a very interesting political juncture in Zimbabwe right now. The army has made the move and “captured “the apparatus of the state, and the long-surviving President of Zimbabwe, Mugabe is under house arrest. This would have been unthinkable a few weeks ago, when the Youth interface rallies were taking place, and Grace would call anyone names as she wishes. We understand the President Robert Mugabe is refusing to step down, and in fact making demands that have arrested the entire nation in suspense. He suddenly realises the country has a constitution and is waving it to all and sundry, that the move has been unconstitutional. The nation awaits with bated breath, that this impasse witll be resolved soon. One thing Iam sure everyone in the nation agrees to, is that Mugabe must go, and some new dispensation must be ushered into the cou


.... As Mugabe and his cohorts swim in the crocodile-infested Rubicon Please note this is a continuation of my previous instalment Mnangagwa is down but is he out?Bear with me dear readers as this is a developing story. LOOKING  at the G40 constituency, it is now down to the Youth and Women’s league propping up the regime. That is not a properly grounded constituency because it is also rocked by the very same G40/Lacoste divisions that have permeated the party ranks. The Youth League have issued today (14/11/2017) a Press Statement following the Army statement, and are accusing the Army of the disappearance of $15 billion. It reminds me of those white ladies in the old days, walking down the street with their chihuahuas, and it sees you with a bulldog, and the chihuahua goes crazy mad pulling the lady’s leash wanting to go and attack the bulldog. Kudzanayi Chipanga should tread with caution because none of his predecessors as Zanu PF Secretaries for the Youth have b


... Cashing in on his political assets Emerson Mnangagwa, ousted vice president of Zimbabwe whose at the centre of developments unfolding in Harare. Picture credit DEVELOPMENTS  in the Zimbabwean political landscape have never been as fluid and as unpredictable as they have been in the past ten days or so. This is quite uncharacteristic in itself, but more so given the types and level of players that are now sucked in; the President, the First Family, the War Veterans, the Vice President, and the Army. This is serious business, with only those with a death wish taking it otherwise. Since the gloves came off on Mnangagwa at the Bulawayo interface rally, the tempo of events has been increasing in pace, culminating in his dismissal on that fateful afternoon of Monday 6 th  November 2018.Since then, the game has been one of Russian Roulette, with no one being sure in which chamber the bullet is in, and whose head is going to get blown off next. This is


...Of Grace and Wives of Dictators Grace Mugabe smiling all the way to the bank Grace a threat to National Security News of the firing of VP Mnangagwa by President Mugabe came in as I was researching and writing this article. The focus of my article was on the rise of Grace’s political power riding on the back of her dictator husband, and the case studies I was focusing on were the character and abuse of power by two wives of dictators in Romania and Philippines. What is now playing out in Zimbabwe with Grace rising to power over the political “corpses” of her perceived opponents but decorated liberation fighters who were close to her dictator husband, is dividing the country and threatening national security.Rightly or wrongly, some are giving dangerous tribal interpretations to what is happening now. Wars have been fought on perceptions and interpretations, and those in political leadership have a moral and national responsibility to practice caution and emo