...Bringing Mugabe to order doesn't mean he's no longer your president.

Grace Mugabe's handywork. Battered South African model Gabriella Engels

RECENT events which saw people coming together to march in solidarity with First Lady Grace Mugabe following her criminal activities in South Africa leaves one wondering what on earth Zanu PF supporters are smoking.
It defies all logic that a  party which boasts of highly intellectual members can preside over such a circus.One wonders whether these men and women are serving the country or they are simply cogs in the Mugabe machinery. The team at the Shake- Shake building should have been up in arms with the renegade First Lady who has proven to be an embarrassment not only to her nonagenarian husband but to the party and country as a whole following her violent out burst in South Africa.
But alas! The once respected Zanu PF went all out on a butt licking exercise of the First Family by organising a highly publicised Grace Mugabe solidarity march.
There is a litany of ludicrous events in Zimbabwe that have been done in the name of the First Family and have passed without anyone of the learned people in the party batting an eyelid and they seem to be on the increase with the passage of time.
Mugabe presided over the highest inflation in the world in the period leading to the Government of National Unity and no one in Zanu PF saw nor spoke evil. Instead, they blamed sanctions. Last year, the president said 15 billion of diamond revenue was missing from the State coffers, a figure which is equal to four times our annual GDP but no one in Zanu PF breathed a word.
The First Lady displaced thousands of families in Mazowe on land they had owned for over 17 years, in defiance to a court order but no one in Zanu PF has said anything about such injustices. After all, the land was the basis of the liberation struggle in Zimbabwe. Mrs Mugabe also courted controversy when it was reported that she had purchased a diamond ring worth 1.2 million in circumstances which smirk of externalisation of funds.  Her latest exploits in South Africa where she attacked her sons' companion did not earn any form of disciplinary action but instead, our able men and women in Zanu PF respond by rewarding Mrs Mugabe with a solidarity march.
Not too long ago Zimbabweans had to endure the 1 million man march in solidarity with Mugabe who no longer enjoys majority support as he stands accused of destroying the country's economy through poor policies and bad governance.
Amidst all this, men and women in Zanu PF have taken to sanitising the actions of the Mugabes'. It is an indictment on Zanu PF which was given the mandate to govern Zimbabwe that resources are being committed to holding solidarity marches for the First Family while the economy is literally in comatose.
In a corruption case against Jonathan Moyo involving the ZIMDEF funds, the Higher Education minister said that the funds had been channelled towards the 1 million man march and that was the end we heard of the matter.
Once a bread basket of Africa, Zimbabwe is now a bread basket which does not even have its own currency. Social services are all but dead in the country which is failing to supply water on a regular basis. The public health care systems have been reduced to places of death owing to lack of funding.
With this hard evidence, It would be ok for the leadership of Zanu PF to bring your principal to accountability concerning the use of party and country resources. On the other hand, one needs only to look at the example of neighbouring South African counterpart the ANC.  Cyril Ramaphosa vehemently opposed his principal Jacob Zuma on the Guptas saga. He did so openly but that did not mean that Zuma ceased to be his president.
It's saddening to note that at least 80 percent of the people in leadership have been there since the country attained independence 37 years ago. In those years none of them has ever attempted to disagree with the Zanu PF strong man save for few like Edgar Tekere, Margaret Dongo and Dzikamayi Mavhaire and we all know what happened to them.
Does this mean that Mugabe does everything right or is there a “hear -no- evil, see -no -evil and speak - no -evil” rule in Zanu PF? As a Zimbabwean, I am not ignorant to the fact that whoever goes against the 93-year-old will not survive in the party but I also know the power of speaking in one voice.
During a press conference in July this year, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association(ZNLWVA) leader Victor Matemadanda said they went to war in pursuit of democracy and not a Mugabe dynasty. He said Zimbabwe does not belong to a clan or family and that people who love the Mugabes' must love them freely without any fear. One couldn't agree more with Matemadanda.
The outspoken ZNLWVA leader went on to say the agenda of Zimbabwe should emanate from our social contract and not a family or a select few. One couldn't agree more.
Zimbabweans cannot and should not expect any change from the self-serving crop of leaders in Zanu PF who are smitten by fear of being thrown off the gravy train by a shrewd Mugabe. They have all been reduced to mere cheer leaders who are only useful for sloganeering and smiling sheepishly while the country goes to the dogs.


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