Grace Mugabe's headache Chatunga and Robert Mugabe Jr

… Mugabe put your house in order before you attempt to bring order in Zimbabwe

WHATEVER you would have your children become, strive to exhibit in your own lives and conversation,” says American Lydia H Sigourney.
The words of the poet who rose to popularity during the early and mid 19th century are pregnant with wisdom and can be put into context where the Zimbabwe first family off spring is concerned.
The media has been awash with reports on the exploits of President Robert Mugabe's sons Robert Jr and Bellarmine. Even the characters in the series "The little rascals" have nothing on the pair who have earned the nickname “ The Terrible Two.”
Mugabe's critics have even said the two are the biggest and fiercest opposition he has ever faced since the MDC because it is right inside his home and he is at loss on what to do.
His wife recently confessed to this while speaking at a kitchen party. She said she was clueless on how to handle her children whom she has surrendered in the capable hands of the Lord. What makes the matter all the more complex is that they cannot deal with the opposition in the usual manner they employ to quell dissent.
Although Grace gives the boys a good spanking once in a while, I doubt that the President would use the insult law which he uses on all who oppose him and send the two on a paid vacation to the country's penitentiary.
Although the misfortune of having unruly children is something we as Africans do not celebrate because of the Shona adage which goes; “ Mugoni wepwere ndiye asinaye” which means that the one who does not have a child is the one who says this child is not well behaved. One cannot help to wonder if all this is not of the parents' making.
We understand that children learn from imitating their parents' actions and conversations. Based on that hypothesis, one can be forgiven if they believe that Robert and Bellarmine are simply imitating what they have seen at home.
Not so long ago there were rumours that Grace had taken to strong drugs and alcohol. Although those rumours were never confirmed, given her children's behaviour one, would like to look into those claims.
One would also be forgiven for believing the President's sons behaviour is a result of the presence of bad influence or the absence of good influence. Maybe the two are acting out of frustration or their exploits are a cry for attention probably because they didn't have anyone being a good mother or father as both parents were concerned with their shopping, political and globe trotting careers.
Maybe Robert Jr and Bellarmine are simply acting this way because they are angry with their parents. I'm sure it has not been easy for the two who have to defend themselves on social media daily on account of their parent's actions.
Having a motor mouth mother like Grace who is always putting her foot in it half the time and a father who stands accused of ruining the country owing to poor policies, corruption and bad governance is enough to set the best of us ablaze.
While the Mugabe boys seem to be headed downstream, it is saddening to note that all their parents seem to care about is power yet they seem not to have any control on the home front.
What these boys might be crying out for is just the presence of their mom and dad but NO! Robert would rather strive for control of over 13 million people in Zimbabwe when they cannot control two teenagers in their household and a wife who does not know when to call it quits.
Ironically, Mugabe who is famous for ruling Zimbabwe with an iron fist and punishing dissenting voices cannot discipline his children and bring them to order. This makes one question if this is the leadership the nation deserves?
Looking at his family life, one wonders if he sets any rules for his household at all.
Instead of dealing with his sons' drug problem when it surfaced in the UAE, the 93-year-old who has clung on to power since the country attained independence 37 years ago decided to sweep the matter under the carpet. He instead relocated the boys to South Africa where drug laws are somewhat relaxed.
It seems here that the Mugabe's are treating the symptoms and not the real problem. They must look into why their children are behaving this way then prescribe treatment. The scenario is similar to one described by music Maestro Oliver Mutukudzi as; Kusimbirira mhopo iri pamusana iwe uine ziso rinembonje.(Treating the lesser problem while ignoring the bigger problem).
If further proof of failed parenting is needed one need only look at Grace's reaction in South Africa where she not only sought to discipline her children but also violently dealt with their friends. If Grace failed to discipline her children at State House, I don't get how she thinks she can do so in a foreign land.
Moreover, the spanking should have commenced during their formative years between 5 and 12 as trying to discipline men in their 20s by spanking them will definitely not work. What these children needed more than ever, Grace was your presence and not your presents but you chose the latter.
There is much more than meets the eye if one is also to question why both the sons have decided to be wild. If it were just one of them, the matter would be dismissed as a simple case of one rotten apple in the tree but to have the two of them going wild leave one with more questions than answers.
After all, is said and done, Zimbabweans would definitely feel more confident with a President who is in control of his family because Charity certainly begins at home!


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